domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

English Language challenges

English Language challenges

First, of all I must say that the english language is more difficult for my since I was small, is complicated for my develop any skills related to language as: speaking, listening or reading; writing is less difficult for me.

1)      How did you like this subject at university?

English in university has been a challenge for me. Really english has been entertaining for my above all in the second block because is fanny and great fun.

I find the classroom environment is very fanny and relaxed and the first block helped me to practice writing, the spelling, and the writing speed it self.

2)      What about the use of blogs?

Truly I use the blog mainly in the english class and lesser extent I use the blog in my home in some free moments for revise, correct or fix.

I have endeavored at any rate for create a good blog and try to learn new things.

3)      What aspects of your English need to be improved and how do you plan to do this?

I would like to speak more fluently but I am very ashamed because is very difficult for me, cost me the pronunciation for example.

The only way to learn english is practicing the language, because thereby you can gain confidence for get fluency.

4)      Outside the English class, how much are you using English these days? What for?

Really do not use the language outside the classroom because for example I have not one t practice with, I do not like the music or movies in other language because I can no translate the songs or dialogues respectively; these are very fast.

Use another language is very interesting but to get to use it properly is necessary have a good foundation about the for example: order of prayers, verbs, articles, namely, of all grammatical elements.

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

My future Job

What am I going to be when I get older?

Now I study primary education in the University of Chile I course third year of my career. In the future therefore I will work in the educative area.

1)      At university, what major have you taken / are you thinking of taking? Explain why.

In the university the most important thing I've done have been the subjects I've had in the university during the three years I have followed the career

2)      What kind of job would you like to have? Explain.

The job that I would have is directly whit my actually ocupation, their career track. In the future I like to work in the preeschool education as kinder garden, primary school or the related intitutions whit the educatión in general, for example: hospitals, museums, women´s prisions, child-care centers, etc. What I would like to work in the public institution.

3)      What aspects would you consider when choosing your job? Explain.

I think the first point would be that I liked, this is the most important because must like what you do, thinking that probably what do all your life.

The secos point would your salary: The ideal is within your expectations. Also must reach to pay accounts for example, lease, food, clothing, and if you have childen upload budget you would pay the school and implements related.

4)      If you were asked in a job interview about your strengths and weaknesses, what would you say? Explain.

On my strengths, I say that I am responsible, committed, friendly, and cheerful; I like work in groups and create new things.
And about my weaknesses I think I perfectionist and this could disturbing the remaining workers.

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Lev Vigotsky

My favourite author:  Lev Semýonovich Vigotsky


Lev Semýonovich Vigotsky was a Russian psychologist prominent in the  psycholog developmenty theory and neuropsichology, his approach is marxist. He was born in November, 12, 1986 and died in Jun 11, 1934.

Study medicine and law in the universiti of Moscu, was teacher of languaje and literatura, psychology and  histori of art. In 1919 at the Pedagogical Institute created a psychology laboratory to study children in kindergartens.

Now he is recognized because theirs theoris about human development and adhere to its principles millon and million of peoples.  Some of his followers then continued to develop his theory and found other fields of study. two of the greatest disciples of Vygotsky were Aleksandr Románovich Lúriya and Gerome Brunner.


Recognized as "the zone of proximal development" the actual developmental level and the level of potential development with the help of other childen with more experience.

higher psychological functions manifest in 2 areas: social and personal, every function appears twice: a social level, and later, at the individual level.

Internalization is transformation process of social psychological phenomenon.

One of the most famous contribution is the book thought and language, this is about the interconection between oral language and evelepment of conceptual concepts. The thought and word are involved, they can not be alone concepts.

I agree with this theory because is very interesting and was intelligently raised, also introdust a change to the existing behavioural model. I believe in this theory and support because one is inconceivable if the other , I think the languaje creates realities and this are more powerful.

domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

How green are you?

How green are you?

There are a number of factors that woud help the enviroment as recycle, rationalize the use of water for example.

One of the points of the ecology is the “3” R. This means reduces, recycle and reuses.


The reduction can be in two levels: reduce the consumption goods or energy. The target is:

·         Reduce or remove the amount of materials for only uses.
·         Apparatus adapted according to the needs.
·         Reduce energy losses and natural resources.


Reduces the impact on the environment indirectly. This is base on reuses a object to give a second life. All materials or goods may have more than one life, can be repairing them for the same purpose or imagination for a different uses.


The actual consumption system prefer to use packaging of recycle materials for example plastics, but not biodegradable. thus energy needed in the process and persons.

What specific actions do you do?

You can follow a series of steps to reduce the use of energy or materials of refuse in your home or community. Doing simple actions you not only help to the environment, also you can say more money.

For example you can tour off the light, prevent that health filter in your house in winter, close the refrigerator door, repair water leaks in the house keys, take a short shower, off electronic equipment when not occupying these, among many other things.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

My favourite book

Allende asthe white house led to the his death ... patricia verdugo.

This book is about political interventions by the United States commited in Chile ocurred arround the 70`s and how are you defining influence on the military coup of 1973 and there fore in the fall of the goverment of president Salvador Allende.

Dangerous for the U.S was one of their "natural territorial zones of influence" was a asocialist republic and further, thet their president was elected democratically, they feared thet Chile was a second Cuba and Latin America become a comunistic mainland.

United States introduced a series of strtegies, economic abobe all to generate little bit of an evil image of the president, finance with impressive amounts of money were thousand and millions of dollar which were given to the director of "Mercurio" so that this conduct a campaing of terror in the population, also had and economic blockade, the CIA was involved, etc.

Caught my atention this book first by treating political issues of 1973 and the military dictatorshipand also because I had an idea of the U.S intervention in Chile, but neck imagine that such a level, this book also has the characteristics of being easy reading, the author uses therm thet are simple.

Many books I liked, but I think not impressed with the way that he did, this book is recomendablo to any one that interests you or call attention to the politics and history of Chile

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

What happens if you don´t sleep? What are the consequences if you dont´t sleep ?

What  happens if you don´t sleep?  What are the consequences if you dont´t sleep ?

Studies show if you not sleep well durin 4 years can have drastic consequences in degeneration neuronogical  and disorder in the sleep .

Problems to long time: What are the problems in the long time?

Exist a relation between sleep deprivation and the neuropsychiatric disorders as: Bipolarity, anxiety, depression, and others related as: fisical ailment, headache, bad humour .Then with the time, make and efort the body to stay awaken, also affect arterial presion and levels of inflammation this increases the posibilite of cancer or heart diseased

Problems to short time: What are problems in the short time?

Recents studies shows effect of pulling an all-nighter – short term euphoria. The región of brain which are responsable of planification and evaluation decision simply closed if you don´t sleep weel. This coud generate which are responsible  transtorns or consequences of the brain that would be irreparable.

Investigations show that if mesolimbic system is over-stimulated by sleep deprivation, coud by brain damage forever. Researchers say if you stay all night long awake for a exam for example, is not good, in fact; that does more harm than good because the consolidation of memory happens during deep sleep.

One by one the nights sleepless are responsible of weaken the couping between the structures of memory in the case of recall particular events, the circuitry not work.

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

My pets

My pets

With my family in my house lives my dog , the name is Bororo. He is the Peca’s son,a  dog of my grandmother which died years ago.

Bororo is mixture of Cocker and stray dog  and it is brown color and he has a lot of  grey hair, he is 12 years old and he has health troubles because is very old dog, has bones theeth and stones problems. He  usually goes to veterinarian. 

Bororo arrive to my home when I was a child and he was a puppy, I was very happy. Actually he is live despite his problems. 

He likes lie down back and leg bending, he looks with cute and shiny eyes. He eats dog`s food and  never eat chiken,spagueti or home`s foods despite he loves it.


Also, in my home live my turtle Merken, she is a earth turtle, is very slow and lazy. My mother gives me to merken when I was 10 years old and she  came to the house after Bororo.

He like eat vegetables as Lettuce, carrot, but also he likes fresh water and cleaning eart.

Merken always missed between the clothes, plants, livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, garden; and then apeear and walk out of the blue.