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English Language challenges

English Language challenges

First, of all I must say that the english language is more difficult for my since I was small, is complicated for my develop any skills related to language as: speaking, listening or reading; writing is less difficult for me.

1)      How did you like this subject at university?

English in university has been a challenge for me. Really english has been entertaining for my above all in the second block because is fanny and great fun.

I find the classroom environment is very fanny and relaxed and the first block helped me to practice writing, the spelling, and the writing speed it self.

2)      What about the use of blogs?

Truly I use the blog mainly in the english class and lesser extent I use the blog in my home in some free moments for revise, correct or fix.

I have endeavored at any rate for create a good blog and try to learn new things.

3)      What aspects of your English need to be improved and how do you plan to do this?

I would like to speak more fluently but I am very ashamed because is very difficult for me, cost me the pronunciation for example.

The only way to learn english is practicing the language, because thereby you can gain confidence for get fluency.

4)      Outside the English class, how much are you using English these days? What for?

Really do not use the language outside the classroom because for example I have not one t practice with, I do not like the music or movies in other language because I can no translate the songs or dialogues respectively; these are very fast.

Use another language is very interesting but to get to use it properly is necessary have a good foundation about the for example: order of prayers, verbs, articles, namely, of all grammatical elements.

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