jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

My future Job

What am I going to be when I get older?

Now I study primary education in the University of Chile I course third year of my career. In the future therefore I will work in the educative area.

1)      At university, what major have you taken / are you thinking of taking? Explain why.

In the university the most important thing I've done have been the subjects I've had in the university during the three years I have followed the career

2)      What kind of job would you like to have? Explain.

The job that I would have is directly whit my actually ocupation, their career track. In the future I like to work in the preeschool education as kinder garden, primary school or the related intitutions whit the educatión in general, for example: hospitals, museums, women´s prisions, child-care centers, etc. What I would like to work in the public institution.

3)      What aspects would you consider when choosing your job? Explain.

I think the first point would be that I liked, this is the most important because must like what you do, thinking that probably what do all your life.

The secos point would your salary: The ideal is within your expectations. Also must reach to pay accounts for example, lease, food, clothing, and if you have childen upload budget you would pay the school and implements related.

4)      If you were asked in a job interview about your strengths and weaknesses, what would you say? Explain.

On my strengths, I say that I am responsible, committed, friendly, and cheerful; I like work in groups and create new things.
And about my weaknesses I think I perfectionist and this could disturbing the remaining workers.

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  1. Hello Cami!

    I Agree with your perfectionist characteristic!

    I think that so can disagree to the others teachers!

    sometime, teachers are estrange