domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

How green are you?

How green are you?

There are a number of factors that woud help the enviroment as recycle, rationalize the use of water for example.

One of the points of the ecology is the “3” R. This means reduces, recycle and reuses.


The reduction can be in two levels: reduce the consumption goods or energy. The target is:

·         Reduce or remove the amount of materials for only uses.
·         Apparatus adapted according to the needs.
·         Reduce energy losses and natural resources.


Reduces the impact on the environment indirectly. This is base on reuses a object to give a second life. All materials or goods may have more than one life, can be repairing them for the same purpose or imagination for a different uses.


The actual consumption system prefer to use packaging of recycle materials for example plastics, but not biodegradable. thus energy needed in the process and persons.

What specific actions do you do?

You can follow a series of steps to reduce the use of energy or materials of refuse in your home or community. Doing simple actions you not only help to the environment, also you can say more money.

For example you can tour off the light, prevent that health filter in your house in winter, close the refrigerator door, repair water leaks in the house keys, take a short shower, off electronic equipment when not occupying these, among many other things.

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