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Lev Vigotsky

My favourite author:  Lev Semýonovich Vigotsky


Lev Semýonovich Vigotsky was a Russian psychologist prominent in the  psycholog developmenty theory and neuropsichology, his approach is marxist. He was born in November, 12, 1986 and died in Jun 11, 1934.

Study medicine and law in the universiti of Moscu, was teacher of languaje and literatura, psychology and  histori of art. In 1919 at the Pedagogical Institute created a psychology laboratory to study children in kindergartens.

Now he is recognized because theirs theoris about human development and adhere to its principles millon and million of peoples.  Some of his followers then continued to develop his theory and found other fields of study. two of the greatest disciples of Vygotsky were Aleksandr Románovich Lúriya and Gerome Brunner.


Recognized as "the zone of proximal development" the actual developmental level and the level of potential development with the help of other childen with more experience.

higher psychological functions manifest in 2 areas: social and personal, every function appears twice: a social level, and later, at the individual level.

Internalization is transformation process of social psychological phenomenon.

One of the most famous contribution is the book thought and language, this is about the interconection between oral language and evelepment of conceptual concepts. The thought and word are involved, they can not be alone concepts.

I agree with this theory because is very interesting and was intelligently raised, also introdust a change to the existing behavioural model. I believe in this theory and support because one is inconceivable if the other , I think the languaje creates realities and this are more powerful.

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